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Did you know that the second largest van Gogh collection in the world can be found inside a national park? I bet you didn’t. Well here you go! Right in the heart of De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the Kröller-Müller museum; A modern art museum home to 80 van Gogh’s, along with works from Picasso, Monet and Mondriaan. Trust me when I say that this is a much better way to see a van Gogh in real life than to wait hours in line of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum, where there is absolutely no way to admire the paintings in peace. Kröller-Müller is definitely one of my favorite museums in my own country and an absolute must for foreign tourists! 

To me, the biggest attraction of this museum is not the van Gogh’s but the huge sculpture garden. It covers roughly 50 acres and displays over 160 sculptures from artists like Rodin, Henry Moore and Jean Dubuffet.


Taking a day off with my dad

Last weekend I found myself wondering how long it’s been since I’d been to Kröller-Müller. I decided it was way too long and texted my dad to see if he wanted to tag along to De Hoge Veluwe National Park. We’ve had some gorgeous autumn weather lately and there is no time like fall to venture into nature. So we did yesterday!

De Hoge VeluweThe views in the national park are absolutely stunning

After we had a cup of coffee in Otterlo, we took a long walk to the Kröller Müller museum through the national park. If you want you can take one of the free white bicycles at the entrance to move around the park, but walking is the way to go for me. Its easier to appreciate the gorgeous views on foot!

When we arrived at the museum we had lunch together and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the sculpture garden. Yes, van Gogh’s are nice but like I said before, my favorite part of the museum is the garden. I don’t want to spoil your first visit by posting everything there is to see. Plus: there is no way I can fit all my photo’s in one post but I will share my favorites with you.

Le grand homme de la nuit by Germaine Richier
De Echo van de Veluwe by Chris Booth is very well hidden behind the trees. Great find dad!
needle tower kenneth snelsonThe 18 meters high "Needle Tower" by kenneth Snelson

Pretty? I thought so. After an amazing afternoon we took one of the white bikes back to Otterlo and finished with a beer for dad and a glass of wine for me. I love days like these! And where would this post be without a me-and-dad-selfie?

Selfie time!

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