Once upon a time

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Once upon a time -13 years and 5 days ago, to be precise) there were a website and a girl. Before I go on I have to warn you: this is a sad story but I promise it will end well. So, the website and the girl were inseparable for a long time. The girl made the website look really pretty and filled it with stories about her travels around the world, her life and her favorite things. The website held all these amazing stories and was loved by many. Now, I told you this was going to be sad. After many happy years the girl started neglecting her poor website. It started to fade away in a deep, dark corner of the web, wishing the girl would rescue it. But she didn’t. Atleast not for a long time…

Well obviously I’m the bad guy in this sad story, but in my defense: Life caught up with me, as it does sometimes. Jobs, boyfriends, houses, cooking, laundry, grown up shit… You know, that kinda stuff.

A brand new start

You might wonder what made me want to return to my blog now. Good question! I have recently turned my life around job-wise. I stopped working in an office as a business-travel-account-manager (who makes up these titles, seriously?) and I went after my dream: Starting my own company in organizing walking tours. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it is to start doing what you love, and although it’s tough sometimes, it really gives me the positive energy that I needed! Suddenly I found myself wondering: “Why did I ever stop blogging?”

So here we are. A brand new start for my dear old website and who knows, we might have our very own happily ever after.

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