Time spent with cats is never wasted

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You just got to love cats. They are fluffy, funny, awkward and awesome. Cats go viral, cats break records. Hell, cats even break the internet occasionally! Not my cat. My cat just breaks stuff around my house. 

Meet Bandhu!

If you are planning to come back to this blog in the future, I need you to meet Bandhu because you are going to see a LOT of him. His name means “friend” in Nepali and true to his name, he really is my friend. Where ever I go, he follows. Bandhu is one of those cats that walk with you to the store and waits for you in the bushes at the corner. Yes, he broke glasses, chairs, carpets and occasionally my sanity, but just look at the little furball. You just can’t stay mad at that!

Before you go, make sure to check the photo’s above, especially the last one ❤

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