The 14 most annoying -but funny- things about living with a cat

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Ofcourse we love our cats to pieces, but sometimes it can be downright annoying to live with one. Thought it was all fluffy cute kitten love? Ohhhh will you be in for a nasty surprise…. The most annoying things about living with a cat? Find out below:


1: You will have a stalker

Your cat will follow you everywhere and anywhere. Where you go, your cat goes. Privacy is something your cat surely doesn’t care about. It’s a good sign that your cat feels safe with you, but it can be really annoying when he’s staring at you when you are using the toilet.

2: They hide in the most impossible places

I have lost my cat countless times. Hiding in suitcases, completely rolled up in blankets, under the hood of a car, sleeping in the dirty laundry, on top of really high closets and you ask yourself: “How the hell did he get up there?” and so on. For some reason cats always find the most impossible places to hide. It’s almost like they brag about it to other cats: “Yo man, you know how long my human searched for me this afternoon? I found the best spot man!” Well I sure as hell didn’t expect to find my cat IN my toilet.

This is NOT where you want to find your cat

3: The constant begging for food

It doesn’t matter how much food you give your cat, he will constantly be begging for more. Vocally. In a very, very annoying tone. He will pretend to be stárving to get his way. Sometimes I’m afraid my neighbors will think I’m mistreating or torturing my cat when he is litterally screaming next to the “empty” bowl of catfood. In cat-language the word “empty” is used for what we would call “Half full” by the way.

4: The “wake-up-you-need-to-feed-me” behavior

Oh yes. You know the drill. You are nice and warm in your bed, dreaming about drinking a cocktail on a far away beach surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous half naked men… And then you are brutally woken up by a paw in your face. “Yo, Human… Don’t you think it’s about time to fill up my bowl? Plus you had at least 4 hours of sleep so I need your full attention now” You look at the clock and it’s 04:45 in the morning. Thank you very much you fluffy little demon from the deepest pits of hell!

Huuuuuman wake up, it's cat-o-clock now!

5: Throwing up on the carpet

Seriously, why, WHY do cats always throw up on places that are hard to clean? Is the floor not worthy of their majestic furball pukes? Or even better, the backyard?

6: Forget about taking a relaxing bath

Got a cat? Say goodbye to taking long, relaxing baths with burning candles, a book and a glass of wine. Nuh-uuuh, not gonna happen anymore. Your cat will squeeze into the bathroom with you. You can try to lock him out but unless you want your door to turn into a scratchpost, I don’t recommend it. So there you are, with a cat on the edge of your bath instead of candles. And he will practice his fishing skills on your toes.

Toe-attack-mode activation in 3.. 2.. 1

7: Say goodbye to your furniture

No matter how many scratch posts you have around the house, your furniture will be scratched. With a passion. My cat does it to get my attention. The couch, the chair, the carpet, anything goes as long as he is sure that it will make me notice him. Probably because his food bowl is “empty”.

8: They bring you “gifts”

Some say they do it because they love you, others say they do it to show you that you are a lousy hunter so they set the example for you. I’m pretty sure it’s the last option. My cat rarely catches anything (he’s a lousy hunter himself) but IF he does, it ends up somewhere in my personal belongings. Somewhere he is sure I will find it… Like in my shoes.

Gee... Thanks

9: Meowing hysterically at the most inconvenient moments

Talking on the phone with a potential client? Ah, the purr-fect moment for your cat to break out in uncontrollable meowing. It’s so loud, it’s almost like screaming. “No sir, that’s not the fire alarm, I’m sorry, that is actually my cat”

10: Your blanket is now your cat’s blanket

Did you honestly think that that warm blanket you like to wrap around you when it’s cold is yours? Think again, your cat will laugh at you in your face when you tell him that. That blanket is now your cat’s and don’t you dare to take it away from him. You are lucky if he lets you borrow it every once in a while. Mind you, it will come with cat hair. Lots of it. And it will smell like cat. And he probably drooled on it. “Enjoy the blanket human!”

Go away human, this is my blanket

11: They suddenly go psycho for no reason

One minute everything is ok and your cat is lying peacefully on your lap, the next minute your cat suddenly turns into frantic phycho mode. This includes scratching, biting and running around the house as if the devil himself is chasing him. And you are left wondering: Where the hell did that come from?

12: They don’t care about your personal space.

Living with a cat is like living with a siamese twin. He is always, and I mean ALWAYS on top of you. Whenever you want to relax on your couch and read a book, here comes kitty. And although kitty has plenty of places to get comfortable, the best place always seems to be on top of you. 

13: They knock things off the table to get your attention

“OY! Give me attention or say goodbye to this antique vase… And this pen… and these keys have to go too.” Yep, cats go to great lenghts to get what they want. Cats are smart and they know perfectly well that you will come running when you hear something clattering -or even better shattering!-  on the floor. “Ah that took you long enough, now, let’s fill up my bowl shall we?”

14: They get away with everything

Yep, we forgive all of the above in the blink of an eye. All it take is one look at your cat and your heart melts instantly ❤  Let’s face it: We are softies and our cats know it. 



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