The perfect Christmas gifts for travelers

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Christmas shopping can be horrible, especially when you are shopping for someone who is constantly traveling. After all, you want to give something nice, but you also want them to be able to take your gift with them on their trip. With 3,5 weeks to til Christmas this is the perfect time to try to help you out a little.

Because everyone’s budget is different, I tried to find cool gifts in any price range. I’m really careful with mentioning exact prices because I know how they may vary. To give you an indication, I categorised the products in the following price ranges. The number dollar signs will give you an indication of the price:

$             Less than $15
$$           Less than $30
$$$         Less than $60
$$$$       Less than $100
$$$$$     More than $100

Some (not all) of the products below contain affiliate links, meaning if you buy them via the link I provided, I will get a small commission and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Although it’s great to earn some extra cash from my website, please know this: All the products that I listed are products that I believe in. Trust me, I know my traveler gear and I will never recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself!

Ok, ready?


The perfect Christmas gifts for travelers:

Cable Bites $

What? Yes, cable bites. These cute little animal gadgets popped up on te internet one day and now everybody wants one. They can be clipped on to your charger cable to protect it from getting all torn up. Especially when traveling your cables break even faster than usual so trust me, this is THE best budget gift!


Get them on or if you have more time, Aliexpress


Pretty Camera Strap $

Why are most camera straps so boring? Functionality is not an excuse. These pretty camera straps come in different designs and are just as functional as any strap. I do want to say that personally, I would not use these on my SLR camera for safety reasons but it is perfect on my smaller (and less expensive) compact camera. Say Cheeeeese!

Shop for pretty camera straps on Amazon

Point It $

If the person you are buying this gift for doesn’t already have a copy of Point It, this really is a no brainer. This little book is absolutely brilliant in it’s simplicity. It is exactly what it says it is: A travelers language kit. Although many travellers try to speak atleast a few words of the language of the country they visit, it can sometimes prove hard to communicate. With over 1300 images everyone in the world will know what you mean.


Get it on Amazon or



Hand Cranked Flashlight $

Flashlights can be lifesavers when you find yourself without electricity. Batteries run out, ever tried to change batteries in the dark? I have and it was challenging to say the least. I traveled to areas where the power was cut frequently and having a flashlight that could run without batteries or power was a primary need! There are many different sorts of hand cranked flashlights, ranging in size, price and quality, but as a gift I love these cute ones below. Who wouldn’t be happy to get one?

Get them on Amazon

International Travel Adapter $$

There is not much to say really, except: Every international traveler needs one. This one is quite portable and it is very reasonably priced. Something that I really like is the bright color: It stands out so it’s less likely to forget it when you are packing your backpack to hop on to the next place.


Get this flashy travel adapter on Amazon

Personalized luggage tags $$

This is a winner. I am in LOVE with an online store called Maria Allen Boutique. They create unique personalized gifts and their handmade luggage tags are so beautiful! But really, just take a look at their other products as well, I’m pretty sure you’ll find plenty of great gifts! Ok, back to my favorites, the tags. You can add a personal message of up to 10 words which will be engraved on the back of the tags. Isn’t this a perfect personal gift for any traveler? I thought so.

Order unique personalized luggage tags at Maria Allen Boutique

Thermo Water Bottle $$

Every traveler -body needs a water bottle. And not just one that keeps your water cold, but one that also keeps your coffee hot. And think of the amount of plastic waste you can avoid simply by carrying your own water bottle. So save the planet while finding the perfect gift, it IS that easy!

My personal favorite bottle is from Chillys, a really cool company with a mission to “accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.” I have used one of their bottles for a while now and I’m happy with it. It doesn’t leak, it really keeps my drinks cold (or really really hot) and the quality is fantastic. The bottles come in different shapes, different sizes, different colors, different patterns and different prices so I’m pretty sure you can find “the one” in their online store. And once you found it, you can even personalize it! How awesome is that?


Shop the perfect water/coffee/tea/wine bottle at Chillys

A Travel Journal $/ $$$

This may sound like a cliche, but I’d love to get this as a gift, and I love giving pretty notebooks as well! Almost every traveler I know keeps a paper journal along the way. There are so many different notebooks out there so try to find one that is personal or beter yet, have one custom made! You can buy them almost ANYWHERE, but Etsy usually does the trick for me. Check out the one below for example!


Get this from Badbooks on Etsy

Portable Bluetooth Speaker $/ $$$

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like music? Probably not. I love to listen to my own music while I travel. I usually just plug in my earphones when I want to listen to some songs but I have to admit that sometimes I wished I could just play my music a little louder. A portable bluetooth speaker would have been a nice gadget to have with me at the time!

Speakers come in all price ranges. The JBL Clip is probably at the top of any budget but it has been on my wishlist for a while. Waterproof, small, great quality and easy to clip on your backpack. This would be a winner for any traveller! But again, there are so many brands and price ranges that you can find decent quality at any budget really.


Find Bluetooth speakers on Amazon 

Wooden Phone Case $$$

Every traveler needs a well protected phone! This is another personal favorite of mine. makes beautiful wooden products. Their phone covers are of great quality and the customer service deserves a 5 star rating as well. I once had a minor issue with one of my cases, and I got sent a new one free of charge. The picture below is my actual phone, and as you can see, I’ve been using this cover for quite a while now. It only gets more beautiful when you use it! I chose the Half Dome design because Yosemite Park made a huge impression on me, but Carved has loads and loads of other designs to choose from so you should be able to find a case for anyone! If not, there’s always the option to design your own case.

Check out for this gorgeous wooden phone case

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera $$$

Ok, I’ll be the first one to admit that this isn’t ideal for the light traveler but… These camera’s are just so adorable and they are so much fun! I’d say this is perfect for a weekend with friends, not a 6 month trip around the world. The “polaroids” taken with this camera are a handy creditcard size and they look way better than you would expect! This camera comes in a range of colors so you should be able to find one that suits your favorite traveler.


Find your favrorite color on Amazon

Xtorm Power Bank $$$

There are two things any traveler hates: Dead phone batteries and loose cables. This power bank solves both of these problems! See the little cable that is tucked away neatly into the side of the power bank? Simply pull it out to charge your phone, and click it back in once you’re done. I love it! Xtorm comes in different sizes and you can choose between micro USB or Lightning.

Shop for Xtorm power banks at their official store

Airbolt Smart Travel Lock $$$$

This gift is perfect for the tech-savvy travelers among us. Airbolt locks come at a high price compared to other travel locks, but I can tell you from experience: This lock is awesome! It interacts with your cellphone, which I must admit is a bit scary to me, but it works really well. You can open and close the lock with an app on your phone. This was my biggest concern: What happens if your phone is out of battery, or if you loose it? No worries, that has been taken care of. When you first set up your airbolt you can enter a combination of button touches on the lock that will unlock it without using your phone. Airbolts are TSA accepted which is ofcourse a huge plus.


Check this out at

City Skyline Jewelry $$$$

Ok, this has been on my wishlist for a while. I stumbled upon this on Etsy and it never left my mind. I really, really really want one of these! JewelryArchitecture designs jewelry inspired by the skylines and architecture of cities around the world. Although this will probably eat up your entire shopping budget, atleast you will have a gift that brings back memories for life!

City rings & bracelets by JewelryArchitecture

E-reader $$$$$

If you have a big budget to work with, this would be my pick. I got my e-reader as a present and I was over the moon with it. I usually just took a book with me, so I could trade it when I finished  it. But then I always ended up wanting to keep my book, thus travelling with 2 heavyweights in my backpack. Not ideal. So imagine the joy when I got my very own e-reader! It’s going everywhere with me: Trips, my daily commute, a day out in town, anywhere.

There are a lot of different brands and models out there. I got the Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 and it’s a perfect match. It’s waterproof which is great in the wet Dutch weather, but also in the moist climate of Panama! It’s very small and light with a 6.8″ screen and it’s backlight is awesome. I would recommend this one to anyone!


Shop for E-readers on Amazon or

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