I quit smoking and it’s a work in progress

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This is a picture of me, smoking. An old picture because I’ve been smoking for over 10 years. I tried to quit a few times, always ending up picking up another damn cigarette sooner or later. My addiction was playing tricks on my brain and I simply lacked the will to pull through.

Over the years, smoking has become a part of my identity. I’m the girl that smokes first thing in the morning. The girl that’s with the “smokers club” outside the pub. That girl in the smokers lounge at the airport smoking one more cigarette before boarding closes. I’m the girl that almost missed a flight once because of it!  I’m the girl that would walk 2 miles through the rain just to buy another pack of cigarettes. Now, I’m the girl that is beginning to realize how completely and utterly pathetic that is. 

I quit, cold turkey 

My decision to quit smoking came when my boyfriend heard he needed surgery. In the hospital they advised him to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the operation. This would be beneficial to his recovery and limit the chances of complications after surgery. I knew it would be hard for him so I decided to help by being solidary. 

Although this is a very good reason to quit, my addiction is trying to convince me otherwise. After all, if it wasn’t for Stefan, I would not have quit now would I? At least not now. You always quit smoking tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Not NOW. Well addiction, have I got news for you. I did quit now, cold turkey! And let’s be fair, to quit smoking has been number 17 on my list of must-do’s for ages.

Day 10: It is hard

So, this is day 10 on my journey to escape from my cigarette addiction and it’s hard. Really, really hard. For 10 days in a row I’ve been thinking about simply lighting up a cigarette for like, every few minutes. “Just one, come on, you know you want to. You know you NEED to…” It’s making me feel miserable, downhearted and morose. And very easily annoyed, I might add.

Staying positive

I guess being in a negative state of mind won’t help me tackle this thing. So, time to brighten up and look at the positive sides of 10 smoke-free days! Here is what happened to me so far according to medical science, my own body and my wallet. And because 10 seems to be the magic number in this post, ofcourse there are 10 positives 😉

  1. So far I haven’t used any products or medication to quit smoking, it’s all me
  2. No more nicotine in my body
  3. Carbon monoxide levels in my body have returned to normal
  4. My tastebuds came back to life… Damn that’s sweeeeet!
  5. Breathing seems to go easier. I didn’t know it was hard before
  6. The risk of dying of a heart attack reduced, or so they say
  7. Passing the day 7 mark increases your chance of successfully quitting by 30%
  8. No more standing in line at the cigarette counter at the supermarket
  9. Not smoking means I can stay inside the bar where it’s nice and warm the whole evening
  10. I have saved a shocking €105,00 so far! (that’s $119,00)


Now that’s actually quite comforting! It shouldn’t be long until I am the one in control again, not that bloody addiction. It’s a work in progress and I’m doing everything I can to make it work! And you bet I can name a few cool destinations I can visit from all the money I saved 😉

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