Merry Christmas!

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It’s Christmas! The (plastic) tree is looking amazing and my parents are on their way to my house to enjoy a big fat christmas dinner! I have always adored Christmas. As a child, I think I loved Christmas even more than my own birthday!

Living in the Netherlands we celebrate Christmas a little different then in the States. For example, we don’t celebrate Christmas Eve. Instead, as a kid, we had big Christmas breakfasts in our PJ’s and opened our presents after that. No stockings, but loads of presents. Overall, in the Netherlands Christmas is  more of a Christian holiday, even though we did adopt the Christmas tree.  I never believed in Santa. There is another holiday in early December called Sinterklaas, a man in a red mantle bringing candy and gifts to kids on his birthday. A tradition that is changing by the way, because his helpers have black painted faces, which I must admit, looks pretty racist. But that’s a different discussion 😉

Being a grown up myself now, I guess I’m the one putting the food on the table. My parents are coming over to celebrate Christmas together and I’m going to have a busy day in the kitchen to prepare a feast. Time to get moving!

I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas!  ❤

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