40 things that never fail to cheer me up

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February. I’ve always hated that month. Winterblues in January? Nope, for me it’s February  that seems to drag oooon an oooon without end. No wonder it only has 28 days, nobody wants it to last any longer than that. On the bright side: I finally have the perfect opportunity to dust off this huge list of things that make me happy. I’ve been sitting on this one for quite a while now, not knowing if I actually wanted to post it. But what the heck. Who knows, you might find some tips to cheer up your February too!


1: My cat

Bandhu means friend and there isn’t any other name more fitting for him. He always cheers me up even if he doesn’t know it. Bandhu is one of those cats that walk with you to the store and waits for you in the bushes at the corner. He makes me laugh and he is great to cuddle with. I love the little furball!

2: Sleeping under freshly washed sheets

Oooooh There is nothing like fresh sheets. I love it when my bed smells fresh and feels clean. Apparantly, clean sheets will even help you sleep better! How is that not a win-win situation?

3: My parents and friends

If anyone knows how to cheer me up, it’s the people closest to me. Where would I be without my friends and family? I’d rather not think about that.

4: Daydreaming about new travel destinations

Unfortunately I can’t travel as much as I  would like to, but daydreaming about it is almost as good as the real thing. Almost. But daydreaming about your next travel destination does take you away from your winterblues for a while!

5: Comfy PJ’s

Especially if they belong to my boyfriend. Nothing beats staying at home and wearing comfy PJ’s. Yes, they look terrible but who cares? As long as it’s comfy anything goes.

6: Watching a good movie

Horror, sci-fi or a good old black and white movie… Bring it on! I just love watching movies because they take me on an adventure for at least 90 minutes. And I don’t even have to leave the house for it!

7: Breakfast with croissants and scrambled eggs

Yes, my mind says avocado or yoghurt, but my heart screams carbs. And if it’s going to be carbs then it shall be croissants. Would I like some scrambled eggs with those? Yes please!

8: Watching my polaroid pictures develop

Polaroid pictures are the closest to magic to me. There is something childishly exciting about shooting a picture and watching it appear before your eyes. You never know exactly what the photo’s will come out like and that’s what makes it so much fun.

9: Wearing my favorite dress

Every girl and every woman knows this feeling: Putting on that one perfect dress and feeling AMAZING in it. Instant confidence boost!

10: Hugs and cuddles

Sometimes all you really need is a big fat hug. Or cuddle for hours.

11: Putting on new socks for the first time

This may sound strange but I love the feeling of putting on socks that have never been worn before. They still feel soft and clean and your foot slides in so smoothly. New socks just feel better than old socks, period.

12: Drinking my tea at EXACTLY the right temperature

Never underestimate the importance of drinking your tea at the right moment. Too soon and you’ll burn yourself, too late and it looses it’s magic. It has to be just right! I like my tea really, really hot.

13: Listening to my favorite playlist

Music affects our emotions so it’s an easy way to change your mood. Listening to my favorite tunes works every single time!

14: The smell of rain on the pavement

Don’t you think it’s strange that so many people list this? I read an article once about scent and psychology. Scientists think that we like the smell of rain because it’s an inheritance of our ancesters who depended on rain to survive. I have no idea if this is true, but I do know that I love the smell of rain!

15: A glass of wine after a busy day

Did I say a glass? I meant a bottle.

16: Funny cat videos

Who doesn’t love funny cat video’s? Here, here and here. You can thank me later.

17: Catching up with my friends

Going downtown to meet up with friends instantly lifts my spirit. I love hanging out, sharing stories and having a drink together!

18: Hearty home-made soup

I may not be the best cook in general, but I do know how to make fantastic soups, if I may say so myself. Luckily, my guy agrees. To me, soup is feel-good food. Perfect to warm you up on cold days.

19: Being warm and cozy when it’s pouring outside

Have you ever came home just before it started raining cats and dogs? I love it when that happens. It feels as if I deserved to get home safe and dry. Too bad that it costs too many karma points to sit by the window and laugh at neighbors who didn’t make it back in time. But ofcourse only a terrible person would do that 😉

20: Planning a new trip

Daydreaming about traveling is cool but the real deal is even better! And the fun starts with planning the trip.

28: A window seat on the train home

Trains in the Netherlands are usually really crowded during rush hour so having a seat at all is lucky. But managing to get a window seat on the way home… bliss!

22: Rays of sunshine through the curtains in the morning

Waking up late by a ray of sunshine that touches your face is the best way to wake up when you’re fed up with winter. Spring, are you there yet?

23: Wearing something I made myself

As you may know if you’ve been reading along  for a while, I occasionally knit. I think putting a lot of time and effort into making something myself totally beats just buying mass produced clothes from a store!

24: When it’s not crowded at the supermarket…

I don’t like crowded supermarkets. Actually I don’t like supermarkets at all! For me it’s just a quick run to grab exactly what I need and get out of there as fast as I can. It’s just faster and easier when there’s no other people to dodge.

25: …or even better: not having to go to the supermarket at all

I rest my case 🙂

26: Falling asleep at the sound of raindrops against the window

That sound of raindrops softly ticking on the window, that just puts me straight to sleep.

 27: Lemon sorbet ice cream

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream, but when I do it better be a sour lemon sorbet!

28: Taking a walk

If the weather is nice, taking a long walk really helps to clear my mind. Being outdoors works like a charm when I’m feeling down but even though I know I should get out more often, I always need to really push myself to actually go. Shame, because it’s so nice once I’m walking. Note to self: GET OUT MORE OFTEN!


29: Watching the lightning during a thunderstorm

Lightning is soooo pretty! We don’t get a lot of thunderstorms in February but I couldn’t leave this one off the list.

30: Playing War Dragons with my teammates

If you told me one year ago that a stupid online game would result in “meeting” the most awesome people from all over the world, I would not have believed you. But playing this game actually did result in being part of an awesome online community! Checking in with these guys and gals is awesome!

31: Binge watching new series

Just like movies, series just take me away from reality for a while. I just love closing the curtains, surrounding myself with comfort food and finally start that new series that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

32: The sound of waves hitting the beach

I don’t live near to a beach by Dutch standards, but it’s still only little over 1 hour away. I should get out there more often to take a walk along the shore and listen to the waves breaking on the shore.

33: Sleeping and snoozing

Especially the snoozing part! And I love it when you wale up from a dream, and snooze right back into it.

34: Staying up all night talking

Sometimes Stefan and I just spend an evening drinking wine, listening to music and talking. I love it when we lose track of time until the sunrise catches up with us.

35: Anything that involves cheese

and I mean ANYTHING. Pizza, cheese rolls, cheese sticks, cream cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches… name it.

36: Playing board games with friends

This is something I really need to do more often because it’s so much fun!

37: The smell of fresh coffee in the morning

Even though I’m more of a tea person, the smell of fresh coffee instantly lifts my mood. It makes me feel more energetic, which is probably a smart trick of my brain.

38: Cozy blankets

You can never have too many blankets. During the winter my couch is nearly invisible because it’s hidden in a pile of plaids. Cozy!

39: Long hot showers

When you just had a long walk outside a hot shower really is all you need. Or a relaxing bath! As long as my skin is glowing afterwards.

40: Not spending every waking minute on my phone

This is really important to me. I’ve given up on most of my social media accounts ages ago and my life really changed for the better. As you can tell by my Instagram feed I post something occasionally and that’s fine. I love not feeling the pressure of staying on top, not having that fear of missing out on something and the freedom of not having to gain more likes and followers. Aaaaaah, bliss!


I guess I really don’t have an excuse for having the February blues after this. What cheers you up on a gloomy day?

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  • I love the vibes of this post!~ You’re focusing on positivity, where it matters :). YESSS on cats!! Cats bring so much happiness, hehe. It is always nice to daydream about travel destinations. If it is good enough, it’s something to work towards! New socks are the best. They have the best fit, hehe. Oooh, window seat anything is always nice. You can stare outside and that takes up a lot of time as it is. Thanks for sharing your happy list!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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