Favourites in February

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Yay! February is officially over and done with for this year. It has never been my favorite month but I have to say, we had some of the most amazing weather ever this year. Time to wrap it all up and move on to lovely march! But first, here were my favourites in February.


FAVOURITE MOVIE | This is between Bad Times at the El Royale and Velvet Buzzsaw. Bad Times at the El Royale is obviously the better movie and it is absolutely brilliant. The plot is insane, the cast is amazing and the vibe is phenomenal. It is as if Drew Goddard wanted to show Tarantino how it’s done. But, Velvet Buzzsaw, man I loved the way Dan Gilroy portrayed the art scene in a very comical, very dark and very scary way. And although I’m not a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, he did well.

FAVOURITE SERIES | No doubt about it, this has to be Russian Doll! I totally binged all eight episodes and I still wanted more when I finished. Natacha Lyonne did an amazing job creating this story and bringing it to life.

FAVOURITE SONG | One song that’s been in my head since I spent a lovely sunny day on the beach is By The Sea from Morcheeba. I have loved this song since I first heard it. When was that? I was thirteen when the song came out so let’s just say… a loooong time!

FAVOURITE PROJECT | That has to be my February knitting challenge! You might be wondering how that went… Well, I have to admit that I’m not quite finished yet. I started over three times and eventually went with a more ambitious design. But atleast I got halfway so let’s make this a February-march knitting challenge! Here is a sneak preview 🙂

FAVOURITE FOOD | Pizza. No really. Pizza. And not even one of those delicious home made ones. Nope. Just that ordinary takeaway pizza. Have I no shame? No, none at all. And no regrets either.

FAVOURITE MUSTHAVE | For valentines day, my boyfriend got me a mini pineapple plant. It was meant to be a joke because we never celebrate Valentines day, but I love, love LOVE it! And even though it was only meant to be funny, it was sweet of him to surprise me. Want one too? You can get the one below here

FAVOURITE PHOTO | That has to be the photo below of me and Laurens on the beach last week. The weather was insanely nice for february standards so I spontaneously decided to head to the beach after spending an amazing night out with friends in Rotterdam. Laurens and I met in India in 2008 and we still keep in touch every now and then. When I called him in the morning to ask if he would join me he jumped on a train and met me there an hour later. More funny, goofy and happy memories to add to the pile!


Even though I always say that I don’t like february, I think it was a great month! But honestly, I’m really looking forward to march. I can’t wait for spring and longer days!

What were your favourites in February?

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