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Last month, I received my first Goodiebox from In case you missed that post, I recently subscribed to a monthly beauty box. I know very little about make up and beauty products, and my mood drops just at the thought of shopping for them. However, I do like to pamper myself every once in a while. Goodiebox provides the ideal solution for me by sending me a box full of beauty products every month. I decided to share my monthly experience here!

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This month’s theme: POWERED BY

Each month, the beauty experts at Goodiebox select products around a specific theme. The message of this month’s Goodiebox theme is loud and clear: It is time to focus on  inner power! POWERED BY promises a box full of superpowers, so let’s unbox!


Rock Nail – Nail Nardening Base Coat || MESAUDA

My nails are short and soft and even though I’m almost halfway through my thirties, I still bite them. So do I use a lot of nailpolish? No. I have tried several hardeners in the past though, and they didn’t really do the job, or turned yellow after a few days. But this little bottle has changed my opinion about nail hardeners! This nail hardener works in 4 ways: As a basecoat, topcoat, hardener and, used alone, as a shiny nailpolish. I have only used it as a standalone product so far and I’m amazed! The coating applies evenly and dries quite fast. I’ve had the coating on for a week now and my nails are shiny and they do feel stronger. And, the coating didn’t turn yellow!

Hand Cream || RAUNSBORG

This handcream has been in my bag ever since I first used it. My problem with handcreams is that they make my hands greasy. I touch my hair A LOT and greasy hands means greasy hair and I hate greasy hair. You get the point. This handcream from Raunsborg however, leaves my hands soft and hydrated, but not greasy! And it smells lovely. In fact, if there is a bodylotion that smells exactly the same I would buy it!

Mini Dry Shampoo || BATISTE

Ever since I got rid of my dyed red hair and went with grey-ish blonde, I try not to wash my hair too often to keep my color pretty. When you open my bathroom drawer, you will find a life supply of dry shampoo so I was excited to receive a product that I already use a lot. Who know’s, it might be better than the brand I’m using now, right? Well, I like the results. It gives my hair a beachy look: Voluminous and light. One thing that does put me off is the fragrance. Most dryshampoos I’ve tried don’t smell very nice, but this one is waaaay too flowery for my taste.

Banana Setting Powder || BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS

This is a product that could potentially do a lot for me, but I’m way too lazy to use it. My skin is naturally red, and I could really use a foundation that masks the red tone of my skin. This powder does just that, true, but it’s yet another step on my morning routine. I now use it if I want to spend some more time on making myself look a little better than usual, but this is not a product I will use daily. Having said that, I will also say that I loved the result when I tested the product!

Much More Lashes Mascara || AME

For a product with a name like this, I expect it to do exactly what it promises… You can imagine I was excited to see what miracles this mascara could work… Only to end up disappointed. It’s not a bad mascara, it just doesn’t give my lashes more volume or impact than the mascara I already use. And a really big downside is that it also takes waaaay too long to dry.

Preparty Moisturizing Mask || MIQURA

Although I haven’t tried this mask yet, I never had a miss with Miqura so far. This mask is said to hydrate the skin and leave a nice glow. Perfect to use before applying make-up, according to Miqura, and I’m happy to take their word for it.

I loved my box this month! The mascara may have been a miss, but the rest of the products are really nice and they live up to the expectations I had when I signed up with Goodiebox. I’m looking forward to next month’s box!

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  • Oooh, I love the items in your Goodiebox! The assortment looks neat. I haven’t used dry shampoo yet but hear great stuff about them. It is a bummer that it is too flowery. At least the hand cream and setting powder were great! Glad you enjoyed the box overall. Hope the next one will be just as great or better.

    Nancy ♥

  • I’ll be posting my unboxing this week & we got a few of the same products again (the rock nail, handcream & banana setting powder). I don’t wear nail polish, but I’ll have to try it out alone!
    I also love Batiste’s dry shampoos but I agree the fragrance can be overwhelming.

    Tales of Belle

  • Love your review! The only brand I’ve heard of before is Batiste but now I’m interested in checking out that hand cream. I hate it when hand lotions leave the skin feeling greasy instead of hydrated so now I want to try that one out.
    Thanks for sharing you GoodieBox.
    Loren | Plaid & Sugar

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