Something special: Staying at the Villa Margaretha in Tartu

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The world is filled with special places. And I’m not just talking about beautiful nature… For me, one of these places is a hotel in Tartu. Some time ago I spent two nights in the Villa Margaretha Boutique Hotel on a trip through Estonia. Staying in this hotel is like nothing I have ever experienced before and trust me, I’ve stayed in a LOT of hotels around the globe. I fell in love with Villa Margaretha’s lovely art nouveau style. Built in 1911, the building breathes history and although renovated in 2008, a lot of that history still shows.

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I stayed here during my trip to Estonia and decided to write about the hotel because I loved staying there!


So about that history, what is so special about it? In 1911, photographer and businessman Heinrich Riedel built the house for his wife Olga Natalia Margaretha Koit-Riedel. It was completed in 1919. In the same year the remains of Julius Kuperjanov, a military commander who lost his life in the Estonian War of Independence, were sent to their final resting place from here. There have been some gaps in what we know from there, but the building lived through the Soviet period as well as periods of independence. According to the hotel’s website, the building served as a house, bakery, furniture store and library before it was turned into a hotel. That leaves enough room for speculation 😉

Staying at Villa Margaretha

When I arrived at the hotel after a comfortable 15 minute walk from Tartu’s train station, I immediately recognized the hotel from the photo’s I had seen when I booked my stay. The dark january sky made the hotel look mysterious, which made the hotel seem even more appealing to me. The ladies at the reception were very welcoming and showed us to our room. They had reserved the Deluxe Room Adeele for us and tt was situated right underneath that little mysterious tower. I couldn’t wait to see it! But even before I saw the room, my mind was blown by the old staircase…

How amazing is that? And the room was equally impressive. When we opened the door, I noticed that it was massive. There were actually two spaceous rooms. One was the bedroom with a vanity and a big wardrobe, the other one was a study with a big comfy chair and a bookcase filled with old books. The bathroom was smallish, but how much space do you really need?

As you can see on the pictures below, the hotel uses antique furniture to decorate the rooms. Tartu borders to Russia so the Russian art nouveau style is obvious here. Some might find this style rather kitsh, but I love it. It works so well with the building! Everywhere in the room I found little art deco touches. It felt like a treasure hunt!

Other than a delicious Breakfast with freshly scrambled eggs, we decided to eat in the old town of Tartu. However, the hotel does offer lunch and dinner in the cozy downstairs restaurant. I can only speak for theit breakfast, but it was good and the service was great!

My room in pictures:

Location and surroundings

Villa Margaretha is very conveniently located near the center of Tartu. It’s a 15 minute walk from the trainstation and an easy 10 minute walk to the center of Tartu. There are loads of things to do in this city and none of it is very far from your doorstep if you choose to stay here.

About Tartu

Tartu is the second city of Estonia. It is often considered the intellectual heart of the country, mostly because it is home to the oldest and most renowned university of the country. The city is situated on the river that connects the country’s two biggest lakes. Located about 120 kms South east from Tallinn, it’s easy to get there by car or train.

Some of Tartu’s major attractions, nearby Villa Margaretha:

  • Old town
  • Tartu University and Botanical Gardens
  • Estonian National Museum
  • Pirogov Park
  • Tartu Art Museum
  • Dome Church’s ruins
  • Von Bock’s House
  • st. Johns Church

How to book your stay at Villa Margaretha

Villa Margaretha has a total of 17 rooms and they are all different. I stayed in the Deluxe Room Adeele, but obviously there are 16 other choices. Rooms rent out for between EUR 55,00 and EUR 175,00, depending on which room you choose. Traveling alone? This hotel offers a cheaper rate for single use. You can book your stay on or directly at the hotel’s website,

Overall, I could not have found a nicer place if I tried. This hotel offers something so unique and so special, and it is absolutely fantastic!

Big thanks to Villa Margaretha for letting me use some of their pictures for this post!

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