My travels

Traveling is my passion and I try to explore new places as often as I can. As a kid, I dreamed about discovering the world on my own. When I was 21, I needed a well-deserved holiday, but none of my friends were able to join me. That’s when I decided to finally take the big step and travel by myself; I went to a book store, closed my eyes, picked a travel guide (that turned out to be about India) and I booked my ticket to New Delhi.

The only thing I had arranged was a hotel for the first night and after that, I was on my own and I was terrified. How it went? I got sick, I hated it, I cried a lot and then I got my shit together. The experience changed me in a way I can’t even begin to explain and I’m so thankful for everything it gave me! And yes, that includes the travel bug.

The map below shows the countries I have visited. I’ve made a habit of visiting countries several times to actually get to know the place a little better. Quality over quantity. I’m still collecting my stories and photo’s to share with you on my blog, so there is more to come! 

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My Travels