Daily photo project


First of all, I have no idea how you got here, but I like to believe that things happen for a reason. Welcome! In an attempt to breathe new life into my website, I decided to start taking one photograph every day and share it here, documenting my daily life as I go. I’ve always loved a challenge!

I hope you will follow along as I explore, play, create and experiment, one photo at a time.

♥ Patty

18. Pick me up

About this Photo: Even though his house is just a short walk away from the central station, my favorite human always picks me up when I arrive by train. It’s something I look forward to every single time I make the journey from Almere or Amsterdam to Utrecht: Getting out…

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17. Sunday Morning

About this Photo: In general, mornings are not my thing. But. There is one morning I absolutely love: Sunday morning. To me, sunday morning means waking up with my favorite human, the smell of coffee and fresh home-made cheese croissants straight out of the hot oven. Sunday morning means waking…

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16. Round 1, FIGHT!

About this Photo: After an amazing night out with my boyfriend and my friends in my favorite bar in Almere, we weren’t quite ready for bed yet so instead, we curled up on my super-cozy couch. We decided to turn on the PS4 in the middle of the night to…

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15. Waking up

About this Photo: I work at several different locations so I always need some time to settle in before I start my day. That’s why I usually come in half an hour early… I simply need time to adjust, and to actually wake up. Usually that’s with a cup of…

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14. Live long and prosper

About this Photo: Just a gentle reminder to be nice to myself and enjoy the summer while it lasts 🙂 ♥ Patty Location: Almere,  the Netherlands Photo taken with: Iphone XR Weather: warm.

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13. Sipping cocktails

About this Photo: I just love spending time with my favorite human! No matter how weird the world gets, he always knows exactly how to make me smile. We had such a lovely afternoon sitting at the canal, enjoying the weather with our feet in the water. After a while…

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12. Guitar (z)hero

About this Photo: Playing the ukulele took some time to learn and even though I expected nothing from it, I actually managed to master most chords! Moving up to the guitar is a whole different story though. I spent three hours trying to get 4 chords right, but didn’t manage…

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