10. Adventures getting home

About this Photo:

After a lovely weekend at JW’s place, I took the train back to Almere, only to realize I had left my phone at JW’s… So I jumped out the train, ran across the city hoping to find JW before he reached his house… (the doorbell doesn’t work and his appartment is all the way at the back of the complex: He would never hear me!) No luck. A neighbor let me into the complex to wait for JW to get home, but I had no idea what time that would be. When I got tired of waiting I decided to “break in”. It took some climbing over the roof of a shed and through the window, but eventually I was able to get inside to reunite with my phone. 5 minutes later, JW walked in. Great, there goes my Lara Croft moment and I will probably never hear the end of this… Oh well, atleast I got my phone back. I arrived in Almere 1,5 hours later than intended, but luckily, still just ahead of the storm 🙂

♥ Patty

Location: Almere centrum, the Netherlands
Photo taken with: Iphone XR
Weather: Hot and stormy!

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