7. Uke, I’m your father

About this Photo:

Aaaaah, my uke found his father! Aren’t they cute together?

Never, EVER did I think I’d ever play the guitar, but then my ukulele happened: Being left-handed I figured the guitar would be way too hard for me, unless I’d switch the strings to play left handed. Ofcourse that would mean always having to bring my own guitar, and frankly, they are just too big. Instead, I choose the ukulele. With only four strings it’s much easier to learn and I decided to learn it the “right” way, right-handed I mean. The other day one of my friends handed me her guitar and I was hooked. Thanks to my months of practice on the uke, the guitar suddenly seemed easier than I thought it would be! I decided to give it a go. Luckily, one of my friends recently bought a guitar and doesn’t use it, so I’m borrowing it to see if I can manage to strum some tunes and see how I like it before I buy my own guitar. Can’t wait to start playing!

♥ Patty

Location: Café op 2, Almere, the Netherlands
Photo taken with: Iphone XR
Weather: Heatwave day 7

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